Which Goes Beyond Destiny

I have to admit, this episode, this calm before the storm, was boring as fuck but it was quite a meaningful plot progression. After all, any one of them may die in the coming episodes so they might as well tie up loose ends, or even attempt to wrap them neatly.

Despite not revealing Teoria’s relationship with Izuru in detail, she is still a central, enigmatic figure for this series. Not just with the technology she offered but with what she experienced that molded her personality. Perhaps, her tale will be told at a different time, her experiences shared on a unique setting, but I guess, it won’t be within the bounds of the remaining episodes. After all, this is the story of the MJP and how they fought against their genes, the destiny inscribed within themselves.

True enough to the feel of final battles in mecha anime, it’s always the base that had to go mobile. Seeing Star Rose reveal itself to be a carrier gave off that nostalgia from seeing similar devices back in my youth such as Camp Big Falcon from Voltes V and Space Daimobic from Daimos. And as cliche as it may be, I do appreciate the moment where I get to reminisce something awesome. So props to that!


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