Under the Schemes


I heard there was supposed to be a Vert NTR moment on this beach scene so I was really looking forward to it. While that disappointed me, the episode overall was enjoyable. Despite being a fanservice episode, the silly antics of Neptune and company was enjoyable to an extent.

I wonder what Iris Heart did to Neptune

What I didn’t expect though was Peashy being taken away and Anonydeath escaping from prison. So who are those guys and what do they want with P-Ko? Is P-Ko the anomaly implied by the other dimension’s Histoire?

And I wonder what could’ve happened if Iris Heart flew with them. And where is the Noire teasing? Tsk, spoilsports!


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  1. x
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 09:06:22

    I wouldn’t expect too much out of the plot for this anime :p. The silliness does make it more enjoyable. I hate to admit it but Iris Heart does make this much more fun to watch XD.


  2. Keiri
    Sep 06, 2013 @ 00:00:53

    Likewise, I Am Disappoint they didn’t include Vert NTRing the CPU candidates by leaving Uni, Rom and Ram out of the fun :(. Sigh… Well, guess I can be grateful they’ve been at least consistent with her trying to be naughty with/to Nepgear heh.

    And where is the Noire teasing?

    Unfortunately I reckon this one might have ended up a bit too much for the games’ fans to ask for too. In the original, Plutia and Noire are best friends in their own alternate universe, and Noire was actually raeped punished by Iris Heart during an event for pissing her off (in her Plutia form), with the result being Noire chanting the same broken mechanical speech and everything after Iris Heart was done with her (Moreover, that wasn’t the only time Noire was ever screwed over by Iris Heart). Instead of Noire going through that process, they had Linda play the butt monkey for that joke instead in this episode. Regardless, I’m still hoping they’ll touch on Noire getting teased a bit in future episodes (even though this Noire isn’t the Noire who is best friends with Plutia) but since the plot is starting to look serious, maybe that will also be another wishful thinking on my part in the long run. :s


  3. Keiri
    Sep 06, 2013 @ 00:12:48

    Oops… Stupid me for leaving these out. m(_ _)m

    wut. that’s it for her? no more appearances from now on?

    In the Neptune V game, Arfoire executed the same eggplant scheme on Neptune, got defeated and ended up being the owner of the eggplant farm in the True Ending. The previous episode might not spell the end of her appearance in the Anime but it does seem clear she won’t be the final boss. The story is looking to take on the Neptune V route and the final boss of that game isn’t Arfoire.

    so there’s a much badasser boss than Arfiore? does this have anything to do with Peashy?

    I’ll leave you to watch unspoiled how Pish/Peashy fits into all this. 😉

    As for the boss, if the writers don’t muck up, that person is pretty badass (in the sense that person doesn’t do things Wile E.Coyote style like Arfoire and Warechu have been doing so far in this show).


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