Burning Bridges

It’s common nowadays to jump from one company to another. It contributes to one’s personal growth as a professional after all. But I can’t exactly say the same with Yura. After all, C3-club’s philosophy is about having fun together while playing airsoft. It was never a “competitive-oriented” group in the first place and I think this is where Yura lost sight of her goals.

For someone who started to be unsociable, did her world expand because of airsoft or because she finally found friends?

I’m not saying it’s wrong for Yura to leave them but it’s wrong for her to ignore them just because they couldn’t offer her any more when it comes to her growth as a player of the game.

Seeing as how I was exactly put in the same scenario pisses me off.

I have a competitive mindset whenever I play League of Legends but that doesn’t mean I ignore my casual gamer friends whenever we play the same game. They may not play with me in Ranked but I still play with them from time to time when it comes to Normal matches, talk to them about any thing of interest, or just hang with them. They are my friends after all. But what Yura did was turn her back away from them, symbolic of how she left Choujirou.

I guess it is necessary for Yura to experience a different environment but turning your back on others who treated you as a friend doesn’t sit well with me.

Also, take note of how she lost her “Reality Marble” ever since she started forcing her ideals of self-perfection. She may have trained everyone to face different scenarios during the competition but the ability to flexibly comprehend and adjust to any situation on the field is a much greater power.

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared like what Yura did (researching for scenarios and training) but not all factors are set in stone. The skill of a professional isn’t just determined by the preparation he invests in, but with his ability to adjust to the situation and make good calls when it counts.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 09:56:16

    Seems more like Yura never really saw them as friends.


  2. baka~
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 23:31:56

    I doubt that. Looking back at how she started, Yura was never interested in the sport in the first place. She just wanted to change herself and be more sociable. Her interactions with the C3 members changed her and when she decided to go competitive, it was then that she turned her back on the friendship and embraced the competitive sport.


  3. x
    Sep 03, 2013 @ 01:30:56

    She seem to treat being in the group as a means to an end, and when she found that she had no use being in the group any more, she just left. Her interactions with the other have tended to look rather superficial for the most part to me. If she really leaves, we might get a chance to see if there’s more to their friendship I guess.


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