The Perfect Ideal

Kirakishou may be a major pain in the ass to deal with, I still can’t help but admire her character. While all six of them aspire to become Alice, Kirakishou is the only one who voiced her opinion that goes against the system. And true enough, if she already has a means to sustain herself and reach a state where she gains the strongest traits of the rest of her sisters then she might as well be Alice herself.


Not that she is against the Alice Game but rather, why desire something you can make do with with unorthodox means? I guess it’s because she IS an imitation that her methods reflect her perspective to the whole ordeal.

Though I wonder if her means to gain those traits come from consuming the rest of the dolls. While her way of thinking is decent, her methods are certainly fucked up. Can’t she just learn or imitate the rest of them instead of becoming them? I guess I am still confused with how she actually plan on achieving her goals.

While Kirakishou is still creepy as fuck, I think i’m beginning to like her more as a member of the Rozen Maidens rather than the antagonist of the series. I have a thing for villains who have logical perspectives (despite a couple of loose screws) and Kirakishou’s style appeals to me.

Her meticulous preparations and hidden agendas are fitting for the common villain but seeing how she’s able to pull it off against the protagonists is something worth mentioning. She may have yet to win this skirmish but seeing how her well-laid plans paid off is really admirable.

And for some reason, I’m really getting hooked to that cold voice of hers. I find it cute and creepy at the same time so kudos to Chiba Chiemi for the amazing voice job.


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  1. x
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 01:16:02

    Heh, depending on which perspective one looks at this I guess. Kirakishou doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as a villain. Good episode overall.


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