Against the World


After reading the spoilers in the novels, I was reluctant in watching these OVA. I find the revelation of the true end to be quite disturbing but it still has meaning.

As I look back after its conclusion, Oreimo conveyed the message of the cases of special relationships among siblings properly. I do not personally applaud such message nor do I find it revolting but it conveyed the potential of such truth in clarity.

I mean, let’s face it. Stuff like this does not just happen in fiction. It is because some things happened in real life that fiction like this was made. That a scenario of a forbidden love between siblings was conceived. It is a reflection of what has been and what may be when it comes to the topic of incest.

The scenario that Oreimo presented is not an absolute truth or an ideal template for those wanting to go through such a route, but I have to applaud the lengths that this series did to convey the biggest trade-off, the ultimate sacrifice.

I don’t know what Tsukasa Fushimi’s intentions were when he started this novel but I have to commend the consistency and the build-up that justifies this end. Kyousuke’s journey started with nothing. He was brainwashed by Manami into thinking that he’s just average and “lost” the bond he shared with Kirino. He had nothing. Yet thanks to his sister, he was able to meet great people, had built himself a harem, restored the bond he had with her and… Lost it. Lost everything. Just to save the one previous thing important to him.

It is unreasonable. Impractical. The loss does not justify the gain. But it is a choice that he found meaningful. Kyousuke’s decision is a decision that shows the greatest dilemma that could come close to anyone. Not just those who want to go into incest but anyone who wants to fall in-love. Even Kuroneko risked it. Ayase, Kanako, Manami risked it. EVERYONE gambled a lot and not everyone was lucky.

The common story of love and heartaches have been around since time immemorial but what makes Oreimo catchy is how it was executed. It is a troll in its purest sense. A trap, if you will. It presents a lot of possible pairings but decides to go with the wincest and justifies it: From episode 1 of season 1 to this finale.

Ayase or Ruri would’ve been fine but WTF MAN?!

What I didn’t like though was too much optimism. It’s GAR and all and there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your guns but personally, I find it weird. Kyousuke has been in a lot of shit to realize Kirino’s value and appraise it to be above everyone else.

Even his response to Manami’s question felt weak. I know he has the conviction to see things through but from the perspective of someone uninvolved, Kyousuke’s response felt like blind optimism. I guess, relying on the possibilities and preparing for a grim future just doesn’t sit well with me.

It’s not that I am not fond of risk and rewards or gutsy plays but how this concluded, at the peak of one’s youth, is just a promise. Perhaps, a side of me wanted to see what goes beyond that promise. Recalling back Manami’s words, 20 years, 30 years from now, what happens? Will they still be together? Will that forbidden love rekindle itself once more?

But I guess, that’s the charm of this conclusion. It was left open-ended to tickle the viewers’ imagination. It offered a possibility, a solution.

To be honest, I chuckled at Kyosuke’s monologue. It is an absurd thought, an annoying ideal, a blind optimism. But it moved me. It touched me. It disgusts me. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai may be a troll but it is one troll I sincerely appreciate.

A little shout out to the seiyuu. First off, props to the powerhouse cast of this series. The seiyuu involved are such prominent figures with such amazing caliber. It is because of their voices that made the characters and the emotions they (characters) conveyed real and appealing.

Reminds me of Sosuke Aizen from Bleach

Hats off to Satomi Satou for giving Manami the emotion fitting of a last boss. While I find myself annoyed of her grandmotherly tone, the strength that she showed as the last boss while she conversed with the siblings convinced me of the validity of her points. The conviction she had created that atmosphere that justifies her character being the voice of reason for this series. So yeah, amazing voice work and good acting to you Satou-san.

What was this joy i’m feeling after seeing Kirino like this?!… PAYBACK FOR YOUR BULLSHIT, BITCH!!

And while I hate Manami and her meddling and brainwashing, I have to thank her for beating the shit out of Kirino. I was waiting for this A LOOOOOOOOOONG TIIIIIIIME!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 14:02:11

    ^^;. What a mess :p. Well, it’s finally over.


  2. Wilco
    Aug 28, 2013 @ 17:30:54

    Well I’m going with X here, it was a mess. We all knew it was going to end this way but(at least Kirno with Kyousuke) I don’t think anyone is happy with this ending. But on the other hand at least a harem ends with the protagnist choosing someone.


  3. baka~
    Sep 01, 2013 @ 18:07:34

    The series certainly had its ups and downs and even I dislike the fact that it wasn’t Ayase or Ruri but I have to commend this series for its guts. Everyone knew it would end this way, anticipating it with groans, screams, and prayers that Kyousuke would go out with anyone EXCEPT with his sister but this series gave a major BITCH, NO! to the fans in order to convey its message.

    But yeah, at least this shit is over. All the frustrations and shattered hopes have finally ended.


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