The Emiya Bloodline

If we’re talking about intense action over the past season, Majestic Prince definitely wins the category. But it looks like we have an unsuspecting contender in this Mahou Shoujo anime.

Even if Install is a mechanic where one becomes the heroic spirit, I’m glad they put a noticeable difference with Archer Emiya and Archer Ilya’s fighting styles. It may be stereotype and all but I appreciate the agility aspect by showing off those moves while emphasizing dem curves. Not to say that Archer Emiya is not agile but seeing how Ilya fights, she seem more agile than her “brother”.

Looking back at the Fate fighting games, the UBW movie, Fate Extra, Emiya’s style seem more focused on cunning and tactics while Ilya shows off her grace and agility.


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  1. x
    Aug 18, 2013 @ 23:33:42

    I never thought I’d ever see such beautifully well animated choreography from Silver Link :p.


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