God’s Apple

So what happens when God begins to doubt his creation?

Rui’s naivete may be his downfall but I don’t really see anything wrong with it. Despite all that, I applaud him for continuing to believe in the natural good that comes from within man. That no matter how evil and twisted he is, man still have this innate form of goodness.

But the problem with this setup is that Rui introduced the special power, the privilege that goes beyond the system, GALAX, known as CROWDS. The system in itself was enough to connect people and coordinate their efforts toward a common good but choosing a select few and giving them the privilege destroys the equality established by the system.

CROWDS in itself is a contradiction to what Rui aims. If he truly wishes for humanity to stand up for itself, it shouldn’t have presented the option to promote heroes in the first place because heroes STAND OUT of the norm. If GALAX establishes itself AS the norm, then privileged people will threaten it. And if anything, that will mark the collapse of Rui’s dream.

Another problem with Rui’s setup is that he chose the members of CROWDS himself. He is still human so it’s normal for the likes of him to be deceived. By meeting Hajime, will things change for him? Will he be able to understand their similarities despite their differences?


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  1. x
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 03:11:20

    So Hajime goes for the first contact. This should be interesting if not amusing :p.


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