Those Discarded


The biggest problem with this episode is that for first time viewers of Rozen Maiden, they don’t probably know who Suigintou is. Aside from the fact that she’s season one’s main antagonist, this episode and the movie explores more of Suigintou’s character and justifies her very existence and the niche that she established in the Alice Game.

I just can’t get enough of those cute wings of hers. The eye-candy is certainly delishuz

While Rozen Maidens can function independently, having a Medium around tips battles to their favor. It is a relationship that was established to support the imperfect dolls as they aspire to become Alice.

One can say that a doll’s “principal” Medium are their polar opposites. For instance, while Jun was apathetic and tries to hide and run away from the world, Shinku bravely ventures to the unknown. Likewise, with how Megu accepts her fate, Suigintou tries her hardest to fight it. And it’s such a pity that first time viewers never get to understand why Suigintou needed to fight the hardest.


True, every doll is born with an imperfection, a complex if you will, but their motivations mirror such complexes. It is because they are inferior that they have reason to fight, to aspire to become the perfect doll.

Hell, even that annoying Kirakisho has a legitimate claim to become Alice. Because she was born without a body that she resorts to such underhanded tactics.

It can’t be helped. So much content to cover, so little time. Still, I have to applaud this episode for giving Suigintou the justice she deserves by introducing the very foundation of her emotions.

And as much s I hate to admit it, Kirakisho may be one sly bitch but I do appreciate her efforts to be the villain of this series. It’s not just the cold, creepy vibes that one can get from having her pop up but I can feel her cunning and malicious intent despite her reserved nature. I mean, she just pops up to steal something but not even once was she forced to fight. That’s the biggest problem with her. Nobody knows how she fights and to be honest, it’ll be interesting to see once she officially participates in the skirmishes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 23:32:32

    This episode worked for me :p. I mean, I do get that it is rather rushed, but at the same time, I think I get the gist of the story, and I do feel the depth in the portrayal of the characters.


  2. baka~
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 23:45:37

    Glad to hear that you still find this series interesting despite the fact that it offered little back-story to Suigintou.


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