The Best Intentions


So what happens when humanity binds themselves to a system and recognizes it as a God?

I can’t help but relate how the events of CROWDS may lead to a future run by Sibyl (Pscho-Pass). I guess the thing that I enjoy the most for this series is seeing how humanity unfolds as it embraces a system that may lead into dystopia.

God is in his heaven, all’s right with the world

And to be honest, I find it convincing. Seeing a bunch of people connect together through GALAX and work for a common goal is an ideal form of good. What creeps in, however, is the darkness of relying on it too much instead of individual thought.

CROWDS, Psycho-Pass, Gargantia. These three depicted a form of technology that’s able to supervise and lead humanity. If Psycho-Pass lead humanity to a form of dystopia and Gargantia shown us how a supervised humanity have a potential to live in a Utopia, then CROWDS rest somewhere in between.

Rui said it himself. Humanity needs to update itself. His intentions are good. The problem is, not everyone thinks like that. Some are even blinded and have begun to rely on the system known as GALAX.

But still, people like Hajime draw a line between the ideal system and independent action. Take for instance, the rescue worker who decided to take action instead of sitting it out. Sure, GALAX may be a system capable of unifying thought and directing it toward a goal but unless there’s someone who isolates their line of thinking and acts independently, there’s no one who would lead such an efficient system to do amazing things.

So the question now, what will happen if GALAX falls to the wrong hands? Will humans who relied on the system clash with those who are capable of acting independently? Is this Berg-Katze’s signal for destruction?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 23:30:00

    Another set up episode for the most part? I’m getting a bit bored :p, but it still amuse me enough with the character interactions I guess. Still somewhat confusing.

    I get the feeling that the AI in GALAX appear to have an agenda of it’s own, or at least have a dangerously different idea of what should be done.

    I don’t think GALAX need to “fall into the wrong hands” to become dangerous or troublesome. At the rate things go, it feels like it will reach a point where the system will no longer live up to their expectations. How people will react when it fails will be interesting to watch.


  2. baka~
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 23:47:24

    I doubt the system will be able to reach a state where it no longer lives up to people’s expectations. Well, it might be done but for people who are deeply hooked to it, I can’t see the angle where they would suddenly lose interest. Then again, revolutions come from big incidents.


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