This episode is quite a treat especially with how it served a delicious, full-course meal of food for thought

Watching the youths band together to confront a crisis with the aid of the Internet and Galax gives off a fuzzy feeling. After watching MJP and its politics, I can’t help but awe at how a unified humanity ought to behave. But yeah, using the internet as a medium (God) does have its disadvantages. The realization of depending on such a system, as seen in this episode, puts humanity on a precipice of being mindless drones from a band of individuals.

Which makes Hajime’s remark surprising.

Here I was, thinking that this episode’s message was how powerful internet is, transforming humanity into a coordinated yet mindless system. Not until Hajime expressed her views.

God I love her character. Hajime’s awareness makes her quite enjoyable. She’s not as retarded as first impressions would indicate. Her open-mindedness and perception with regard to situations makes her quite OVERPOWERED.

She may not be as OP and IMBA as Izayoi (Mondaiji) for example but that fact that she keeps an open mind and interprets scenarios and situations differently makes her an OP MC.

And yes, from a perspective, she may just be trusting too much. Interpreting situations through speculation isn’t always a good thing but I love how she can switch to something objective once in awhile. Like how she interprets Galax.

Sure, she coordinates with people and help “Update” the world but she is smart enough to understand that as a human being, it would be foolish to rely solely on such a system.

People who rely on God tend to be lazy and people who rely on their own can accomplish so little. Hajime’s character strikes a balance on both realms. She relies on a system that we might as well recognize as God to coordinate with the individual strengths of others but she does not blindly obey it to the letter.

I’m not sure which side Rui is but his points appeal to the loner within. A society who acts for reward and reputation is a society that cannot be trusted. This is the society that looks down on the loner and requires itself constant group-think.

In a way, Rui’s intentions of distributing Galax is ironic. It is a social media that rewards individuals for “updating” the world yet it does not look down on the individual but rather emphasizes it. If anything, the technology feels as if its the ideal system of balance. A society governed by a God that does not discriminate yet coordinates with the strength of the world.

But as far as technology is concerned, some things won’t stay functional for long. Shit is bound to happen. If Rui wishes for rebellion, he can easily post an announcement for it and people who relied on Galax will immediately take action.

* This episode was quite a tease. Just when we would finally learn what Crowds mean…


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  1. x
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 00:35:14

    This show still confuse me to no end ^^; (though somehow it doesn’t frustrate me like in Penguindrum :p). Well, Hajime is indeed an OP MC. The only thing masking her true abilities is her insistence on looking at everything positively.


  2. x
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 03:06:51

    Ibuki Kido branching into horror anime next?

    I’m really not sure if I want to watch this one ^^;.


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