The Battleground of Politics


Despite the depravity of action for this episode, they managed to properly give us a succinct narrative on how the bigwigs see this war against a common enemy. I mean, the Wulgaru ARE a threat to mankind, they obviously have plans to battle such enemy with unified-

Well fuck. Even if mankind would band together to face a common foe, by the end of the day, they’d still find themselves trying to kill each other. Reminds me of Gargantia for some reason. I know, it’s the ultimate civilization vs the ultimate species but after one side finally wins, what then? Will they still hold each other’s hands and head towards a brighter tomorrow? Meh, I doubt that.

It’s cliche to a fault but I love how they directed this episode to mirror the politics despite the obvious threat of the Wulgaru. Ain’t mankind cocky enough to think they would actually win this war just because they have ASHMB and each develops their own form of technology? It’s a fancy thought yet the realistic possibility of mankind going against each other after the Wulgaru threat isn’t quite far-fetched as it seem.

I have to applaud Amane though for the strength of her character. Without a doubt she learned a couple of truths in that conference she attended but to genuinely care for the genetically enhanced pilots deserves praise for the authenticity of her humanity. As naive as her ideals may be, from a logical stand point, it is the best option to defeat the Wulgaru. Too bad that reality is a cruel bitch.

I wasn’t expecting the follow-up character development with Asagi. Aside from being annoyed with his stomach aches, the fact that he realizes how left behind he is makes me admire how his character was conceived. Well, seems like he haven’t found his answer yet but I do hope he get to sort out his shit during the next battle. I love seeing the Ace pilots hog the spotlight but I favor the normal guy most of the time.


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  1. x
    Jul 28, 2013 @ 23:41:18

    Funny how my first impression of Amane from the early episodes was of a cynical hotshot not given an opportunity to rise in the ranks ^^;, now I see her as almost a total opposite of that impression :p. I’m very much curious about what she would do if she were to meet Teoria…

    I favour Asagi as well, if only because I see a lot of myself in this guy :p.


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