Goddess Facepalm

Doesn’t this leave Noire without any hobby to attend to? Neptune and Vert are gamers and Blanc makes doujinshi… Unless Noir IS into cosplay…

Noire is DEFINITELY into cosplay

And as cliche as it may be, props to the villain for cooking something up that works. Well, her plan may blow to bits next episode but at least she tried.


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  1. x
    Jul 28, 2013 @ 23:50:11

    Cheesy villain :p, well at least the plan seem to work better so far than in many other anime with similiar set up ^^;.

    So one is into console games, another is into MMO, yet another is into doujin, and the last is into cosplay? OTL. Well, they have fun at least, and these are mostly harmless activities, better than many other royalty and rulers we have :p.


  2. Keiri
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 01:00:14

    Guess Uni now has no excuse to be unaware of Noire’s cosplaying hobbies, heh.

    Looks like the story reeks a bit of Neptune mk2 with the CPUs trapped and needing their younger sisters to rescue them by the sound of next episode’s title. Yep, seems like somebody or some people will gain transformation abilities soon. Maybe we’ll get to see at least Purple Sister?

    And I find Vert’s method of increasing her Share sneaky – letting 5pb. do all the hard work while she slacks off and plays computer games… Smart management?


  3. baka~
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 02:07:59

    Vert’s quite the sneakiest among them. It would’ve been to Neptune’s advantage if she learned from Vert’s tricks 😀

    Really hoping for Hanazawa’s character to pop up… I guess we can’t get enough of her S mode XD


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