Safe in her Web

Looking at my anime list, I can’t help but realize that there’s nothing special with Rozen Maiden when compared with the rest for this and the previous season. But for some reason, I look forward to this series the most. Setting aside the fact that this series and I go way back or it has “lolis”, looking at it from the perspective of someone immersing to the world of Rozen Maiden for the first time, Zurückspulen has shown its strength through the value of its characters.

What I appreciate in this episode is how they gave the Unwound Jun justice by giving him a perspective that parallels his Wound counterpart all the while, granting him a different kind of character. Comparing both Juns, they are shown to be fighting against their inner demons as well as showcasing the talent that they were damned for. The difference is that the story of Wound Jun focused more on fighting his inner demons while the story of Unwound Jun focuses on the level of his “sealed” talent.

And to be honest, I love how much detail they put in Unwound Jun’s knowledge of his craft. This isn’t simply a biased appreciation from me where “Hey, this guy knows his stuff” but rather an odd acknowledgement that goes “He knows a lot about dresses but he’s a guy… Isn’t it a bit gay?”.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not bashing him for his talents or sexuality but rather, acknowledging how this episode justified the discrimination and awe addressed to Sakurada Jun. Much like how society defines geniuses and weirdos.

That scene where Jun gave his passionate opinion regarding something he likes loves may be interpreted by Saitou as awesome but for the unrelated assholes they’d question Jun’s hobbies and as seen last episode, put him to the weird category.

And I did like how his attitude changed btw. Maybe it’s because of his earlier conversation with Saitou where she appreciated his talents or perhaps the fact that Shinku bugs his life but you can really feel the smooth transition of his character.

Realizing all that, I just can’t help but say to myself “This is why I fell in-love with this series.”

Props to Miyuki Sawashiro for this episode. I’m more familiar with her tomboyish, sadistic, ojou-sama voice acting but her Shinku-level of elegance has always been soothing to the ears. Totally different from her Perrine H. Clostermann (Strike Witches) imo.

And props to the animators who did Kirakisho’s crawl scene. That was creepy as fuck!

I’m not familiar with Chiba Chiemi but her cold voice and mischievous laugh as Kirakisho sends chills. Barasuisho definitely pales in comparison with the malice that runs on Kirakisho’s head.


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  1. x
    Jul 27, 2013 @ 02:47:44

    Well, if he were to meet Rento from C3-bu, she would happily put him in the “weird” category while praising him for his talents at the same time (I’d agree with her all the way :p).

    This is another good episode. Creepy, specially when I’m still not used to talking dolls that move through dimensions, that can enter dreams, tie you up, and whack you good with their hair ^^;.

    I’m wondering if Saitou will play a major role in this story, or will she just fade out of the scene once more of the dolls are introduced?


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