False Victory


Here I was, thinking if I should drop this show when this episode happened. The amazing thing with this episode did not just come from Yura being bitchslapped but the whole experience that Yura had. The taste of victory, and the fear of defeat.

And while I hate Yura for being a bitch, I have to admire the authenticity of her character. It is natural for anyone to fear defeat. We are humans after all.

And that is what this episode conveyed.

Winning by riding on the strength of others is different from relying on others’ strengths. And Yura confirms this with her self-reflection: “I thought I would change if my environment changed”

While habitat is a factor that breeds predator from prey, the decision to become a predator must come from one’s own will. The fear of losing, adaptation, evolution. Everything starts with the self pushed by the environment, by the surroundings.

I’m not expecting great things from Yura but I do love how this episode explored her character.

* I know this is anime but man, Karira walked on that wall LIKE A BOSS! No, seriously. I know parkour exists but is this even possible? To walk on walls while holding a gun of that size for more than 3 seconds with such speed?


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  1. x
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 13:20:50

    Yura’s train of thought surprised me towards the end. I was wondering we were going to get a weepy and drama filled next episode ^^; (I forgot that this is at least in part a comedy series I guess? :p). As much as Yura’s lack of resolve is annoying and frustrating to watch (at least some of the time), I find her growth and development interesting to watch ;).


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