Pitfall of the Soul

I really loved how much detail was put in expressing the dilemma behind Jun’s Trauma. The sensitivity of the issue emphasizes how much emotional weight Jun had to endure because of his artistic talent by retards who know less of its true value.

Guys who suddenly design good dresses find themselves ridiculed and labeled as weird. An irony considering history was able to provide us with prominent figures capable of drawing far more outline and detail of the human body. As for Jun, we can’t totally blame him for regressing due to the experience. The society and environment he was at the time crushed his pure, honest ideals.

Which is a pity in itself considering Jun had the best intentions and used his talents to bring joy to others. Even his skilled opinion about the dress and the design for it were made with the consideration of who would be the one wearing it. But well, society tend to be a dick like that; taking advantage and making fun of an individual’s kindness and goodwill.

Seeing Jun’s worries reminded me of why I enjoyed Rozen Maiden. There’s nothing out of the ordinary with the series’ setup: Boring Guy + Interesting Girl = CHANGE. But the way the series handles and delivers Jun’s Trauma is unique in itself. This isn’t simply about an otaku being bashed by society or the lone wolf character who had hidden, cursed powers, this is simply goodwill being made fun of where the protagonist actually succumbs to defeat and humiliation.

Jun wasn’t shamed because he wanted to change or fought for his beliefs, he wasn’t even able to reach that stage yet. Being shot down before you try creates this atmosphere that it will be difficult to pull the protagonist back up. Well, compared to the Wound Jun’s Trauma, I see that the Unwound Jun’s doesn’t run as deep though, this will still play an integral role in the Alice War over his side. With Shinku operational, it will be a matter of time before the other dolls involve themselves.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jul 23, 2013 @ 13:21:41

    What’s with this season and lonely characters with trauma ^^; ?

    I’m starting to enjoy this more. Sigh. Watching way too many anime this season, and I find it really hard to drop any of them :p.


  2. baka~
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 10:51:55

    What’s with this season and lonely characters with trauma ^^; ?

    How’s watamote? I’m still skeptical on watching it but has it turned to be what you were expecting?


  3. x
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 13:27:21

    Well, if it turned out to be exactly what I expected, I’ll probably have dropped it after the first episode :p. It looks really good, in terms of overall quality and storytelling, but I still find it more than a bit disturbing and depressing. Not quite sure how to describe the experience, but it’s like watching someone helplessly suffering in a comedy, and there’s nothing you can do to help OTL. I’m still wondering if I want to drop it.


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