Perspective Matters

I’m not entirely sure what to think of Hajime.

While she acts like a total retard, you have to applaud her intentions as well as her different train of thought. Doing things by the book isn’t a bad thing but having to rely entirely on the book is a different matter.

Sugane may be efficient being a Gatchaman but he sure does suck being a human. I understand his frustrations and his need to help the weak. If anything, seeing oneself as a hero isn’t bad from time to time. What was refreshing was Hajime’s insight on the same picture they’re viewing.

Hajime’s assumption reminds me of a post I read before. The narration goes something like:

Two girls who were standing inside the train noticed a man sleeping on his seat. The girls then conversed with each other in the attempt to piss off the dude: “Aren’t there any more gentlemen in this world?”. “Look at how inconsiderate he is at hogging his seat despite us standing.”. The man then woke up, looked at them, and said “I just lost my home and my family in a fire. I’m headed towards my relatives to ask for help and I’m not even sure they would be able to help me. While you two concern yourselves in having a comfortable seat, I have my worries to attend to. Yes, how inconsiderate of me”.

When Hajime asked why they had to fight the MESS, I was surprised nobody gave an answer. Pai and Sugane both adhered to the command to fight them. I guess they took it quite literally. Hajime’s kind of fighting did not include the destruction of the MESS but rather, an approach to understand it. Nobody knows how fruitful this endeavor is but if it is capable of rewarding Hajime’s actions by revealing where the humans went, I guess it is quite a big payoff.


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  1. x
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 22:35:00

    lol. Reminds me of when I heard someone complaining recently about not being able to find “real men” worth dating “nowadays”, and complaining that all men around being “assholes” and “worthless” :p. Not the best way to attract a date ^^;.

    This anime is definitely more interesting than I expected. Reminded me more than a bit of the early episodes of Penguindrum, but more thought provoking rather than mind twisting :p. So far, I think I like this more than Tsuritama. I won’t say this is my favourite, but I think this is one of the more “special” anime this season.


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