Forget me not

While Kakeru Taiyou has a much gloomy feel than Prisma Ilya, I do appreciate the visual aesthetics of the show as well as its appropriate choice of music. I’m not usually keen on non-battle BGM but this is the second time that this series made me feel “hey, this sounds nice” as I admired how the music blended well with the scene.

Unlike conventional Mahou Shoujo anime that requires collecting stuff, this one follows the trend of killing stuff. Since they did an early big reveal for this series, it turns out that defeating a Daemonia kills its host and immediately wipes out their existence. Yep, a fate that those who have watched Madoka Magica know by now.

Unlike Madoka Magica though, this happens on a daily basis and I think that plot device makes things interesting especially on the emotional state of our characters. Dying is one thing, being forgotten is another.


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  1. x
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 06:27:49

    This is slowly pulling me in despite the whole theme of death and destruction (as well as being “forgotten”). Is it really that their existence gets wiped out? Or is someone else pulling the strings, making it seem as if they are wiped out?


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