Tiger & Bunny. Yep, that’s the first thing that comes to mind after seeing the character transformations for this episode. Well, despite not catching up on whatever plot this series plan to develop, I have to admit, this was entertaining as hell!

Should we call this Note-gasm?

With the MC starting off like some sick pervert getting turned on by planners, the catchy techno “Gatchaman~” that keeps on ringing at the back of my head, and the crisp visuals, it doesn’t bother me one bit that the plot was quite vague. Hey, even Rozen Maiden: Zuruckspulen started off weird.

I’m not getting tired of Ohsaka Ryota yet again, appearing in this show. If anything, I think that guy is blessed right now to have landed on so many good roles. I hope he does make the most of it and engrave his skill as a seiyuu to the viewers.

I still can’t figure out what the fuck Maaya Uchida’s smoking to produce a note-gasm like that. To be honest, I didn’t recognize her voice at all. Different from her Frenda (Railgun), Rikka (Chu2Koi), and Rea (Sankarea), she definitely has an astounding range of voices. She’s simply amazing and I think her take on Hajime is a good fit for this series.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jul 13, 2013 @ 17:18:24

    Heh. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this, but you just convinced me to pick it up :p. Gah, I’m watching way too many shows this season :p.


  2. baka~
    Jul 13, 2013 @ 17:30:46

    The same goes for me. My list just pile up without me noticing it. And Prisma Ilya isn’t even here yet!


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