Full of Thyself

Hachiken may be one conceited little bitch but the comedic stunts that this episode have been pulling so far overpowers the annoying fuck. Comparing this to the C3-bu, it just shows how good comedy can overpower annoying characters. Not that C3-bu IS a comedic show, if anything, the tactics portrayed in ep2 was interesting to watch but overall, the episode wasn’t powerful enough to divert my attention from the MC.

And there’s nothing more refreshing than see elites (or elitist wannabes) taking a huge fall. Seriously, all the blunders and shit that Hachiken had to endure not only brought the giggles but taught humility in its purest sense, that being fitting in in a new environment where luxury is a commodity and intelligence is overcome by experience.

But despite all that, all the hell and the misfortune, seeing Hachikan accept his new way of living turned out to be a rewarding experience for the me, the viewer. People adapt in order to survive and despite the “calmer” setup of this episode (this isn’t a fantasy survival game after all), the realistic feel simply struck home.

If anything, I hope the next episode continues in delivering consistent laughs and moral values.


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  1. x
    Jul 13, 2013 @ 18:39:29

    This was fun :p. Having read the manga, I’m guessing it was less amusing for me, knowing what will come next ^^;. The OP really made me laugh, specially with the cheesy love song titled “Kiss Me”. They really animated the OP to the lyrics of the song, making it one of the funniest OP I’ve watched this season (assuming one can understand the song :p).

    As for the hell and misfortune… well, for a while, the phrase “Poor Hachiken…” was used quite frequently among manga readers ^^;


  2. Keiri
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 14:42:09

    Am really liking the manga so as long as Director Itou and A-1 don’t screw up, we could be in for a treat with Gin no Saji. So far so good. And I can’t wait to listen to Ayahime in her role. :p


  3. baka~
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 00:30:04

    I was shocked to learn that Ayahi was voicing the chubby one. Was wondering all along if I read the cast list right.


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