Another Mahou Shoujo gone wrong??

Character death at the first episode? COUNT ME IN!!

Though to be honest here, I am still skeptical with this series. I appreciate the appeal in episode 1 to shout out that this isn’t the usual Mahou Shoujo anime but for some reason, the rushed pacing doesn’t sit well with me, even if it was an attempt to emphasize on the absurdity of the world beyond the cards.

What I DID like was how they set the mood right. Not just the creepy scenes with the matching TV static, but even the energetic spotlight of the MC, the mysterious feel when she’s fortune-telling, and even the obvious jealousy of the MC’s cousin. Though yeah, I never expected she’d die and would suddenly vanish from their memories. I guess the rules would be laid out later on what they are, who they are up against, and what needs to be done.

I’m not saying I have high hopes for this series but I do hope they manage to get a firm grip on my interest next episode. Having deaths are fine but deaths with a purpose, now that’s what makes Madoka Magica stand out.

* Another Mahou Shoujo role for Mai Kadowaki? YES PLEASE!! XD


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  1. x
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 01:13:12

    A bit too creepy for me ^^;. Well, I find it intriguing enough to keep me interested. I’ll watch the second episode to see if it sucks me in (kicking and screaming like so many other anime I complain about XD) or if I’ll be too turned off by the creepy stuff and drop immediately.


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