Fall from Grace

I doubt this was the anime-original end that I was expecting. Though I have to admit, they did a good job in revealing what the fuck Manami did to ruin the siblings’ relationship. I knew she was nosy but to actually force her own ideals and warping Kyousuke to be someone who gives up his ability to excel is simply despicable!

I couldn’t really grasp what kind of fucked up shit Manami was thinking. One scene, Kyousuke was teaching her in academics. Moments later, it’s Manami who’s teaching him. Where the fuck did his drive to be good at something went? Was Manami such a slut that she wanted Kyousuke to rely on her to the point that she robbed him of his own capacity to strive for excellence? Because, the way I see it, Manami was jealous of what Kyousuke had. I think she just wanted to drag someone down to her level: plain, boring, mediocre.

And seeing how far Kyousuke fell thanks to whatever bullshit Manami said, justifies the hatred that Kirino harbored; against her, against Kyousuke. I don’t know what broke Kyousuke’s will but it’s unforgivable for him to just abandon his role to be Kirino’s goal. Likewise, it’s unforgivable for Manami to take away Kirino’s goal with just some vague shit like “The amzing bro you admired never existed”. Seriously, what the fuck you bitch?! Who are you to determine who is amazing and who isn’t?!

I think Manami is just assuming a lot of shit and is trying so hard to act outside her age. How could she even differentiate sibling love from romance? If she never have interfered and did this unreasonable fuck-up then maybe Kyousuke and Kirino lived their lives as proper siblings. Maybe we got an Ayase end or a Kuroneko end. But nope, she just had to stick her nose to their business and in her attempt to prevent the WINCEST, causes it instead!

Fuck!! Why can’t they release the last remaining episodes already?! I want to know what the fuck Manami said, what she was thinking in forcing her own annoying lifestyle to Kyousuke. Seriously, I wish she’d burn to hell by the time this series ends!


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  1. Jose Luis M. (@Jose_Headphones)
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 01:27:09

    Actually I think it wasn’t Manami the one at fault. Since apparently you haven’t read the novels, you have to know that SOMETHING happens which causes Kyosuke to become the lazy and dense moron that he’s now.

    I don’t remember exactly what was that SOMETHING, but I’m pretty sure that it had something to do with other girl other than Manami. A classmate of Kyosuke. Aaaaaand I won’t tell you anything else because I don’t want to spoil you.

    Manami is a bitch for looots of reasons, but not for changing Kyosuke. In fact, I’m quite dissapointed about how the anime handled the original conflict between her and Kirino. In the novels, during that scene, she is more like: “Everyone knows that you love your brother and it’s fucking disgusting!!!”, something like that.

    Anyway, they better give me a Kuroneko End, exclusive for the anime version, or whatever.


  2. x
    Jul 04, 2013 @ 02:26:14

    lol. Well, to me, this whole situation is simply messed up. Not that I like what she did, but I don’t see how Minami is responsible for the mess. Regardless of what Minami may or may not have said, the siblings still made their own decisions.

    If you say that Minami imposed her messed up ideals on Kyousuke, then many of the other girls are equally as guilty. They (including Kirino) messed him up in various ways, imposing their ideals on him as well. Unless Kyousuke is considered to be a human doll that the girls share to satisfy their own needs (and Minami messed up the doll too much for everyone else? ^^; ), I don’t see how Minami should be held responsible for what Kyousuke did. He is a human being who is responsible for his own actions no? Does he have no ideals of his own? does he not have the ability to think? Or don’t tell me Minami has some brainwashing technique that’s so effective that Kyousuke can no longer be held responsible for his own actions? I don’t see how Minami should be held responsible for how Kirino reacted either. Yeah, it was harsh, but none of it justify the way Kirino went about things. Makes me wonder where the hell were her parents while all this shit was happening. Then again, judging from the small amount in action they did during the show, they probably would (did?) made it even worst.

    Well, whatever it is, it will be over soon. Three more episodes, and we can forget about this mess (if we so choose ;)).


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