The Truth of Simple Minds

Strongly reminiscent of the big reveal at the end of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, it seems that this whole war is a farce that the church probably set up. After all, we don’t know who struck first. Was it Overlord Satan and his army or was it the Church?

I really feel sorry for Suzuno. Of course, such circumstance in anime isn’t a rarity, being a slave to fate and forced to do things one doesn’t want to is a common character template but I find it compelling to share the emotions she expressed in her plight. She’d probably come to her senses and betray the church in order to do something out of her own will but I’m more interested in what drives her to that realization.

For instance, having Emi around her is obviously affecting her way of thinking. Standing alongside THE hero, experiencing what she experiences, understanding what she feels, it’s a whole different league when compared with her time with the schemes of the church. And there’s really a big difference from someone who simply works in the shadows with someone who fights out on the open for a much simpler cause. From where schemes and tricks cannot reach lies the truth.


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  1. x
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 05:10:13

    Doesn’t really matter who struck first. What matters more now is that they need to know who they can or cannot trust. Suzuno is now confused and in denial, insisting to herself what she knows to be a lie, just to justify what she had done in the past. Two episodes to go. Hope this will end well. Hope there will be more seasons as well 😉


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