Boku Ja Nai


Never expected Valvrave-tan to be a foreshadowing. To be honest, her remarks pissed me off after realizing what had been done.

Is this what happens when Haruto fails to suppress his hunger too much? Maybe he needed the usual body swap to maintain this deep, darker drive. If anything, the physics guy need to take a look on him in order to determine what the fuck is wrong with his body and how he and Valvrave-tan is related.

To be honest, I was sad with Rukino’s fate. Having sex with someone you love is different from being raped by that same man. What’s compelling in this episode is how she knows Haruto’s feelings for Shouko, all the while, accepts the lust that overcame Haruto. There’s something that moved me to tears when she scene shifts in slow motion as she embraces and accepts Haruto’s urges.

I don’t know but it’s symbolic of how Rukino’s relationship with Haruto will become. If anything, she gets reduced to Haruto’s outlet of sexual urges as the latter appears to be clean and pure in Shouko’s eyes. Knowing that Rukino was used and her love wasn’t reciprocated just tugs my heartstrings.

And I’ll be honest here. I really liked their relationship as friends before this rape thing happened. Rukino was a true bro for Haruto, covering his ass and saving him from messing up others but I wonder how their relationship would go after this? Can Haruto face both women at the same time, without whining over his incompetence and inability to judge his state? Naive characters like him tend to show their annoying side after one major fall and I believe that this IS a major downfall.

After trolling for more than 6 episodes, this series start becoming interesting. To be honest, I can’t wait for the next episode.


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