Trainwreck Aborted?

HOLY FUCK! Did this series just save itself from being a complete train wreck? Will its real charm reveal itself from now on?

I was wondering how Valvrave-tan is associated with Haruto’s consumption of… whatever. Will something bad happen if Valvrave-tan/Haruto hasn’t bit anyone for some time?

Never expected this mofo to actually say something GAR. He may act like a retard most of the time but he can be a real bro when it counts.

L-Elf’s really keeping the interest level high for this series. Without this guy taking command, the entire series would’ve plummeted to hell.

It was quite sweet of Aina to reject him like that, indirectly telling him to not “die” yet and join her in the afterlife. Then again, they’re supposed to be immortal space vampires so how will they die?

Now that was surprising. Let’s see if the series can keep it up or will it derail and crash.


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