Risk and Reward


While he has not shown the full extent of his military prowess, the fact that Dot Pixis is open to suggestion, no matter how absurd the situation, proves how capable he is in making the right calls when it counts. This guy ain’t called “Commander” for nothing.

Inferiority complex isn’t a bad thing imo. What makes it a problem though, is how some individuals consider it as one. Such is the case with Armin.

Armin’s inner demons have always been a pain in the ass to watch. It’s so realistic that it really pisses me off. Probably because I encounter such individuals every day, myself included.

And seeing Armin struggle up til now reminds me of how I once struggled against such mentality. Like Armin, it took quite a long time before I realized what I can contribute to even the odds against my inferiority. Don’t get me wrong though, I still think I am a burden to others. It’s just that, I try to make myself less of a burden from time to time.

I have a feeling that Armin’s inner demons are still around, waiting for another opportunity to turn him into a wuss. But for now, I’ll cut this bitch some slack and give him the credit he deserves.


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