The Rabbit Hole

I know I have no right to complain but I really hated Commie for the holdup for this series. Man, just when things were getting good the release of this episode got delayed…

I honestly enjoyed this expression of yours, you fucking retard!

Despite gaining the upper hand, I do wonder what made the Wulgaru fall back? Could it be that they used that skirmish to measure how good our protagonists are? Or perhaps, they are after something else? Something more important than the destruction of the cannon or the annihilation of Earth’s pathetic defenses?

Asagi continues to please me with his personal growth and development. His reassessment of his abilities based on the results of the battle is a form of humility that, surprisingly, goes out of his character. Considering he likes to charge without thinking things through and hog the spotlight, this self-reflection is a refreshing aspect, a major growth in his personality. People who reflect their shortcomings drive themselves to self-improvement and I hope this makes Asagi a much prominent character later on, especially when Izuru handles Jiart on future skirmishes.

For some reason, I feel uneasy with Kei’s signs of affection towards Izuru. Looking back at how their relationship went from classmates to friends, to this current state of possibly being lovers (in such a short time!), there’s something realistic and awkward with this progression. I may be putting much bias in this statement but isn’t this a ticket to the friendzone? It feels like their relationship is rushed for Kei to suddenly develop romantic feelings. That or probably I’m assuming that she’s romantically interested with Izuru.

And lastly, the big reveal… of sorts. Most of us probably expected Theoria to be a Wulgaru defector but the real question here is “What is her past relationship with Izuru?” She knows him and he, Izuru, remembers her but what bonds concealed buy time did they share? And WHO is Theoria to Jiart and the Wulgaru Army?

It’s Friday tomorrow, another episode of MJP. I sincerely pray to God that Commie releases this one fast.


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  1. x
    Jun 07, 2013 @ 03:58:41

    Considering that horrible is having hiccups, if commie doesn’t get it out sooner this week, there will be a lot more people joining you complaining :p.

    As for why the Wulgaru retreated? Is there a limitation to how long they can battle? Or maybe they are treating this as a hunting game of sorts? Or is there some kind of rule, law, or ritual at play?

    There’s one other thing that this episode got me wondering is if there’s something else special about Team Rabbits that we have not been told. Are they are genetically modified to work with the mecha?


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