A Handful of Bitching

My sentiments every time somebody wakes me up.

I’m actually having mixed feelings with Eren becoming a Titan and all. While the flashback of his father injecting him with “something” validates this plot device, it somehow loses the flair of humanity vs titans. I don’t know, but for some reason, I always prefer conflicts like these to be represented in extremes. Where both sides prefer to battle and wipe each other out, down to the last man.

It’s actually crazy at this point, considering Eren now has to worry about his fellow men instead of this allies. If there’s one thing that this episode emphasized, it’s how fragile people’s feelings are. Well, fuck. That’s what they have been showing the whole time but taking the aspect of trust and alliances, when shit goes wrong and people blame you just because they lost their balls, it’s really hard to re-establish such a relationship with your peers.

While Armin continues to be a pussy and trying to negotiate this shit out, I do love how Mikasa’s “yandere” instincts took hold. I guess her methods are the most practical solution at that situation.

I mean, you can’t suddenly invite a person to STFU, calm down, and drink tea just to re-evaluate the situation when they’re pissing their pants in fear and stressed out with the need to blame someone. Armin may be intelligent but he sure is dumb-as-fuck when the situation decides it.


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