The short end of the stick

Definitely one of the better imoutos of this season

Despite the fact that this episode strongly appeals to the fantasy of romantic flags being set up, Hikigaya’s negative nature really puts a dent on the RomCom Gods’ plans.

Sometimes I wonder why my mother would reprimand me for being unsociable despite the fact that I just don’t want to get in other people’s way. The consideration that people give to others vary, that much is evident in this episode, but it is how others interpret our actions that leave the most impact with our lives.

Despite the “intimate” moment that was given to Yui and Hachiman in this episode, Haruno’s appearance still holds its weight as a prominent character that knows more with regard to Yukino’s personality.

She teases the viewers into a lot of things but the end game would still be decided by who Yukino Yukinoshita is and what does her existence mean with Hikigaya. Whether Hachiman helps her later on or not is something still vague at this point. Not just because the story hasn’t interpreted their relationships clearly but Hachiman being a knight in shining armor, while the thought feels way off, isn’t a forlorn possibility.

Though, I guess the first hurdle that needs to be cleared first would be what Hachiman feels when he found out that it was Yukinoshita who ran over him. While I was confused at first at why he hated himself, I guess like with Yui, he must’ve misinterpreted Yukinoshita’s form of camaraderie as a form of pity, for the guy who was ran over.

It is there that I believe Hachiman’s expectations betrayed him. That such a sublime flower hid such thorns and held such secrets. That or he may just be paranoid.

While they seem to be covering up the tracks of the incident well for now, I heard that the Cultural Festival arc will be a major incident for Hikki. To be honest, I’m eager to find out how our hero plans on surviving this one.


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  1. x
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 00:31:00

    My impression is that Hachiman hated himself for unconsciously putting Yukino up on a pedestal, only to feel let down after finding out she did not conform to his expectations. Despite his own cynicism, he came to see her as some kind of idealised ojousama (supposedly, who never lies ^^;). He realised that he had imposed expectations on her “unnecessarily”, where usually he would be cynical enough to not expect anything (mostly to avoid getting disappointed). He is disappointed with himself that he got disappointed with Yukino :p.

    In my opinion, that just means he had opened up to Yukino and let his guard down. Now that he realised that, I wonder if this means he will put his guard up again. Either way things probably will get complicated.


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