The Silent Hero

Despite having a competition with Yukino, why the fuck is this series emphasizing on Hachiman’s solutions? Not that I dislike the idea but rather, is there no other alternative to it?

Don’t get me wrong. As cruel as it may be, I agree with Hikigaya’s idea. The loner within me confirms the efficiency of his solution. But considering that Yukino is supposed to be a foil to Hikigaya’s personality (and Yui too), I have to admit that I was disappointed in that they weren’t able to present their ideas clearly on the table.

Maybe because this issue fell directly into Hikigaya’s expertise that he was able to hog the glory for this episode but the fact that Yukino and Yui wasn’t able to do something about a loner means they are, at this point, incapable of confronting Hachiman and “curing” him of a similar mindset.

It’s not like I dislike the fanservice (or manservice) of this episode but for some reason, this felt like a major arc that bore the closest reflection to Hikigaya’s background. Of how he came to be. And the fact that the girls were unable to provide a solution for Hikigaya’s kind is no different from letting that person become a loner all their life.

There is nothing wrong with being a loner but it is hard to find the strength to continue to be one. Loners have nothing to support them and are constantly under emotional, mental, and sometimes, physical pressure to retain their sanity, their sense of identity. This brings out their sense of self-awareness and pushes them to suck it up and fight against the world.

A loner’s strength is something other people may admire but the price to be paid for forging such steel is no easy feat. As with how most individuals’ (initial) impressions on Hachiman throughout the series, being a loner is a disgusting process that lacks honor and dignity.

The issue aside, it seems that after Yui, Hachiman ought to confront Yukino for the events that tie them waaaaay back though I wonder what happens after these chain of events. Will Hachiman reset his relationship again or will a new development happen?


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  1. x
    May 27, 2013 @ 02:06:34

    No idea where this story is going, but watching this anime feels like I’m watching Hyouka in many ways :p. I get a similar kind of frustration with some characters, and some similar vibes from some scenes. The main difference from Hyouka is that the cynicism is dialled up to eleven, and pacing feels faster (well there’s about half as many episodes :p).


    As for the whole Hachiman versus Yukino deal, I think there are two things going on there. One is as you say, Yukino and Yui (as well as the rest of the cast for that matter :p) are simply incapable (unlike in Hyouka where you have Eru to drag Houtarou along, and he slowly comes out of his shell ^^;). Two is that Yukino has her own set of issues, and I get the impression that she isn’t dealing with her own issues very well.


  2. baka~
    May 28, 2013 @ 10:31:25

    Yukino has her own set of issues, and I get the impression that she isn’t dealing with her own issues very well.

    If such is the case, then I think this is the contradiction to Yukinoshita’s personality. She considers herself special, prompting her to “save” anyone using her methods yet she fails to “save” herself. Not to be confused with finding a complete resolution to her worries though.Then again, Yukinoshita has been able to solve shallow problems so far. Things that usually require her physical and logical capabilities (i.e. Yui’s cooking, the otaku guy, the tennis match) seem to be her strong point while Hikki goes after the emotional and mental states of individuals and society.


  3. x
    May 28, 2013 @ 11:19:04


    Perhaps she is “saving” others as a way to avoid facing her own issues? I’m just speculating :p. I don’t really know.


  4. Anonymous Coward
    May 29, 2013 @ 03:59:22

    Yukino has her own set of issues, and I get the impression that she isn’t dealing with her own issues very well.

    Nobody can deal with her/his own issues very well. Psychology 101. That’s why we need family and close friends.

    Heck, most people wouldn’t even admit they have any issues!


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