Plots over Plots

They certainly picked up pace by a whole margin by the time of this episode. Don’t know if that’s a good thing but it feels totally awkward, especially in some moments. Take for instance, Emeralda and her ways of communicating with Emi. If she’s at Ente Isla, how the fuck was she was able to send supplies and even call to her? Moreover, what’s the reason she’s staying at that place instead of joining Emi?

As for the masked assailant, his eye-color makes me think he’s actually Lucifer but seeing how much of a bum he is at the moment, and powerless to boot. Could this be one of the Church’s assassins?

I’m still not sure where Kamazuki’s allegiance lie. Now that she has gained Mao’s trust, it’s easy for her to kill them off. Or perhaps, that was the reason why Ashiya fell ill. Did Kamazuki poison their food?


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  1. x
    May 18, 2013 @ 03:35:30

    Won’t be surprised if there’s some poisoning involved :p. I’d say she’s an assassin. Nothing else really make sense from what we have been shown in the previous episode.

    As for whether this is rushed or not, I don’t really care at the moment ;). This episode was fun XD. When the season is over, I may lament that this anime was too short or something (though the next season has many animes I’m at least curious about as well :p).


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