Dragging to Hell

Her psychotic symptoms are showing… Watch out for the overly clingy girlfriend!

I like how they naturally expanded the cast for this episode, turning side characters into conversational plot devices, much to Hikki’s disdain. Well, I guess this explores more of the depth where we see how other people see our protagonist. Despite his looks, I was surprised Kakeru would suddenly talk to Hikki like that.

While I do relate and find it annoying how someone I don’t know would suddenly start talking to me, I guess it shows that not all individuals easily judge another at face value. Then again, Kakeru might just’ve went with the flow at that moment, chiming in because it was in his nature.

I guess extroverts usually trip this kind of landmine most of the time. They may have no ill-will intended but their overly clingy nature and adherence to “group think” pisses off most introverts. More so if they try to approach one and invite him/her to such group activity. It’s not the intention that was wrong but rather, the very method itself of approaching an introvert out in the open, where everyone can act as judge, jury, and executioner.

I mean, being invited openly like that makes it very difficult to retort against. Turning down an offer will immediately mark the introvert with such bias from criticizing stares. And if anything, introverts hate the spotlight. Hate the fact that someone notices them, talks about them behind their backs, condemns them for being themselves, for not joining the crowd.

Yukino may say the harshest things but for a bitch like Yumiko, she deserves every bit of it. Man, I really hoped they animated their rematch, the one where Yukino sent that fucker in tears.

Well, I’m interested in how they plan on resolving the loner girl’s “problem”. Why can’t it be Saturday again?!


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  1. x
    May 18, 2013 @ 03:43:35

    Well, just wait for another seven days ;). Must say that every episode of this anime so far has surprised me with how much better it is compared with my expectations :p.


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