The Meaning of Life

To work is to live.

Or so the saying goes. After realizing what “life” awaits him last episode, I find it fitting and consistent how they introduced the concept of work in this episode and how this is strongly associated with life.

Most often associated with money, this episode re-evaluated why people work. By the end of the day, people are simply compensated for the effort and hard work they spent by the value of money. In truth, this episode portrays the feeling of being needed by others. We work because this defines our existence. We are needed by others and in turn, we need them and by establishing this relationship, this provides the proof of why we exist. That we are important.

For someone who’s working as a contractual employee, if I re-read this post, it sure feels sugar-coated. Not to mention, cheesy as fuck. After all, living in this world, this era, I could say that most people who work nowadays never see themselves as humans anymore. We are just cogs in the gear that can easily be replaced. We are parts that’s meant to keep a company running.

But despite the despair of this reality, seeing this episode somewhat gave me hope. That there are people out there, corporations, organizations, heck, family, friends, loved ones, who value the concept of “work”. Who never fail to notice the effort that you give in order to provide those who are in need.

For whatever reason it may be, for whatever intention we may have. Let us not forget that through this episode, we remember that we are not just “parts” of a machine. We are humans. We need, and are needed. We exist.


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