It Begins from Zero

So that’s what he meant

Riding along with Yui’s misunderstanding, I actually thought Hachiman wanted to end his ties with Yui. Turns out the scumbag just wanted a relationship reset which, to be honest, feels weird. I guess deep inside, Hachiman wanted to become friends with Yuigahama with no strings attached. No debts paid for saving dog or whatshit. Well, Hachiman does over-complicate things but it is not without reason.

I was expecting the episode to be drama-heavy considering it was quite the “big reveal” from the previous episode. Turns out they just smoothly raised the possibility of the Yukino x Hachiman pairing by having them go on a date.

While Hachiman’s assessment about Yukino’s sister garnered him “praise”, the main focus of the episode was Yui and Hachiman’s relationship that hints to be something “more”.


Restarting their relationship aside, I don’t know if Yui does have feelings for Hachiman. I am highly skeptical with this considering Hachiman has nothing that could “connect” with Yui (and I don’t want to use the dog). I mean, Hachiman’s interactions with Yui, and vice verse, has, so far, never gave away any hint that their relationship could go along the romance route. The way I see it, they’re just friends but I can’t ignore this nagging feeling that Yui harbors such interests.

Well, we’re halfway through the series. Let’s see where things are headed from here on.

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  1. x
    May 12, 2013 @ 02:40:32

    Restart? Reset? Sigh, somehow I’ve always found that too much work (as after the restart/reset, there’s much more tedious stuff after that :p). As for romance, I’d say a triangle is probably forming between these three, but who knows what this story will focus on next.

    Yui can’t even begin to understand Hikki’s thoughts and expressions, much less being able to communicate effectively enough to build a relationship in the way she expects.

    I wonder what would happen if the two sisters met :p…


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