High School Musical – Sunrise Version


I have nothing against Tomatsu’s voice but having her character sing just to tell the world that they’re ok and to help them raise funds?!

The horrors of Symphogear are coming back!! WHEN WILL THE HURTING STOP?!

Uh, yeah, for starters, what’s the point of raising funds anyway? They detached their module from the rest of JIOR so this means, no supplies will come from their fellow JIOR-ians (or whatever they call themselves). So no supplies means no economy. And for a so-called “Independent State”, HOW THE FUCK WILL IT SURVIVE WITHOUT AN ECONOMY?! Seriously, how can they even engage in trade if they’re floating aimlessly in space?!

These retards think they have the advantage? That they have Valvrave? Tell that to ARUS or DORSSIA after they begin to starve and their resources run dry. Fucking cunts!!

I’ll just watch this for Valvrave-tan


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