Two Sides of a Coin

Just when things were getting better Kyousuke had to go FULL RETARD

Let’s blame Kyousuke’s insensitivity for the fallout that happened in this episode. The inglorious fuck just had to say something that is powerful enough to spoil Kirino’s mood. Then again, Kirino was a demanding bitch! For someone who was asking him a favor, she just had to go all out and demand proper treatment. Bitch, Kyousuke endured a ton of shit from you and you just had to demand more. Wouldn’t it be nice to just shut your trap and count your blessings?!

I guess the incident that fueled this bias against Kirino for this episode came from their conversation with Bridget and Kanako. When Bridget asked Kirino what she liked about Kyousuke, I could hardly feel the warmth and uniqueness of her response.

Compare and contrast with Kyousuke’s sincerest gratitude to his ungrateful sister. Even if it was acting, for him to show his appreciation like that despite the shit he endured with Kirino’s abuse means something. I said it before that I am not fond of this kind of tsundere. Kirino’s attitude was uncalled for. Even if Kyousuke was in the wrong this time, Kirino’s attitude and response (teasing about the boyfriend) does not compensate Kyousuke’s sacrifices and treatment which is why…


I always have a soft spot for the underdog. And for those thinking that KuroShironeko isn’t one, the remainder of this episode reminds us of how Ruri has been participating these events with such unfavorable results. While Kirino has been used to victories and has been living an easy life, taking a lot of things for granted, Ruri has been used to failures and defeats. Back in S1, Ruri lost over Kirino’s mobile novel yet that didn’t stop her from trying again. In the Oreimo S1 True End, her game with Sena received a lot of criticism and lost but she still pursued to fight for her goals.

While Kirino squanders her good fortune, abusing and taking her brother for granted, we see Ruri struggle all-throughout. Even her affections for Kyousuke is something she’s working hard for (And Kyousuke continues to be a dick for not noticing) and it’s because of her struggles that make her such and appealing character. It’s because Ruri values hard work and determination that makes her more lovable than Kirino.

And while some may argue that Kirino also exerted effort, as shown in the previous episode, that one defeat does not change the fact that her life still is a lot better than Ruri’s.


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  1. x
    May 08, 2013 @ 12:38:14

    Yeah, Ruri is the underdog here. Well, this episode is the kind of episode that made me felt hesitant to watch this show at all :p. Like it or not, this show is all about Kirino and Kyousuke doing their thing, while the other characters are there just to keep those of us, who are not interested in the siblings, watching the show ^^;. Sigh, how many more episodes are there? How many more months before the end? OTL


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