Pieces of SHIT!


And with that, every single one of them was wiped out. Seriously, all the years they spent in training, wasted, just like that. This episode is FRUSTRATING AS FUCK! Just when these guys graduated, all of them became Titan food. Man, what have you guys been doing in camp?

I doubt Eren is already dead since he’s the MC of the series. From what I read, he also has this unique, cliche power that would probably reveal itself in the next episode. I’m skeptical about that ability of his but we’ll see next time.

I did like how these dumbasses aren’t really pushovers. Aside from their resistance, I’m beginning to question how much intellect these guys actually have. One of them just acted like a “Hunter” from Left4Dead and actually got himself a tasty snack. the other one just took a chomp out of Eren’s leg, the other swatted one of them as it came out from a corner while one of them just tugged the string. Seriously, are humans just underestimating these shits despite their intellect? I guess somebody needs to step up their game here and I don’t think it’s the titans.

Lastly, I like how they portrayed a “Lord’s” luxurious lifestyle despite the urgency of humanity’s situation. It pisses me off to no end to see these fat piggies living under such comfort while the rest struggle with their every day. The intention of pointing out humanity’s arrogance is spot-on with this scene.

I wonder though how strong this commander is. I hope he does have the tactics to back up his reputation.


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  1. charlmeister
    May 06, 2013 @ 01:39:09

    OHMYGAAAAWD!! YES! When I saw the Titans wiping out the soldiers, I was just staring at the screen like TF?! With tears too cause, that scene was just too rife with emotions. And that hybrid one you mentioned! (I call it hybrid because of the way it moves) I actually let out a little scream when he jumped out cause it felt like some 3-D effect thing.
    I can understand Armin’s fear though, although I think he really needs to stop his shit because he should have known what he would be facing once he’s in the Recon Corps.
    I’m just glad Mikasa wasn’t there at that point…it’s going to take a miracle for these guys to really do some damage to the Titans.


  2. baka~
    May 06, 2013 @ 02:44:57

    I was actually wondering how helpless they were despite all their training and technology. I get it that the cannons was destroyed but I was expecting their barricade to hold.

    And yeah, the leaping hybrid came out of nowhere. If it was L4D, I would’ve thought it to be acceptable but this is one effing giant. Don’t tell me this is the first time they encountered this kind despite all their previous encounters.

    As for Mikasa, I guess she’ll just watch there mourning as Eren got eaten. Then again, it IS Mikasa we’re talking about. I bet she’ll kill as many of those fuckers that would come after Eren.


    • charlmeister
      May 06, 2013 @ 03:15:34

      No I don’t think that was their first time, because I remember when he jumped out, Eren realized the type it was and told them to pull back. I’m thinking the cannons can do some actual damage too since that’s the only thing the colossal titan destroyed when he pulled his Houdini act.

      Yeah I think so too but then again, it seems Eren is her weakness so I think she’d lose the energy and willpower to fight if she saw him die.


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