Living Tools

Most female characters in fiction that landed on supporting roles have always been portrayed with an aura of empathy. These ideal mother/sister-figures who look after the protagonists always have an impact that would develop the characters as the story progress and Rin is no different.

What I liked about her in particular was how her back story was introduced. From being a survivor to an instructor that was tasked to train a problematic bunch, to this figure that revealed to have grown attach to our protagonists, I can’t help but awe at the authenticity of her emotions, the realistic portrayal and development of her personality.

I can’t say though if the series did a good job in pointing out our character’s origins. Having their memories wiped of their past and the people who adopted them, I can’t help but think that this plot device may be integral later on in order for them to access some power-up of sorts. After all, having the thought that one’s reason for existence is to act as a tool yet retaining a sense of emotion is a recipe for self-destruction.

Whatever intentions that they had for the MJP program, I was wondering why they didn’t train them to be hardcore and emotionless especially if they are meant to act as tools?


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  1. x
    Apr 28, 2013 @ 04:01:11

    Why they need emotions? My speculation is that because emotions are needed to drive the forward in battle, pull them back in fear when they need to retreat, … etc. The mecha they control seem heavily tied to their state of minds. Without emotions, it wouldn’t function well enough for them to survive. Also, I get the impression that the reason they are not brainwashed into being emotionless soldiers might be due to someone not viewing them as tools…


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