Stalker Sessions with Youto

*takes down notes*

GODDAMN THIS EPISODE! GODDAMN THIS SERIES! Even if the plot is becoming less interesting thanks to Yokodera’s misunderstanding (It’s annoying how he forces his belief of being a commoner and shit), the moe characters, fanservice, eargasmic seiyuu voices, is still strong enough for me to still give a fuck.


And while I admit that this series falls short when compared to the other interesting ones that this season has to offer, for some reason, I still find myself enjoying THE plot. Probably because I’ve read the manga that I find Azusa’s arc (and the story overall) to be quite compelling.



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  1. x
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 05:44:13

    Well, no matter what you may think of the plot, I must say the execution in this one is really good. So good that it makes me laugh out loud on every punchline, even though the jokes are really cheesy material, and has been done who knows how many times before :p. This one is fun XD.


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