Delusional Incompetence

3 episodes and this series is getting on my nerves. Not that this series is totally bad but man, the characters suck shit, military command suck shit. I doubt the mecha, the battles, and the OP song is capable of carrying this show.

Surprisingly though, I’m beginning tyo have high hopes as well as respect for the show’s main protagonist, Izuru. His chuunibyou may be strong as shit but man, he’s the only one who actually did the only logical thing in this episode…


Unlike the poser emo guy wannabe who thinks he’s hot shit or that gun nut who can’t even down an enemy unless they’re practically sitting ducks, Izuru was the only one who decided to improve his skills and his use of their mechs. I get it that this is vacation time and all but seriously, these guys need to set things straight and get their act together.

Having fun and hitting on babes ain’t bad if they were at least able to PROVE SOMETHING, but having themselves known to the galaxy by that one fuck-up yet have the balls to show themselves in public instead of fixing their mistakes isn’t gonna make their reputation any better.


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  1. x
    Apr 20, 2013 @ 20:07:06

    Somehow, watching this anime gives me a similar feeling as watching Symphogear (except without the singing XD).

    That military command reminded me of some of the worst bosses I’ve worked with before OTL. I guess the good commanders are either avoiding this team or being shun because of politics and whatnots :p.


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