Worlds Apart

What if humans lived years ago, experimented and developed the dinosaurs, experiment gone wrong, humans evacuated to space and decided to eradicate all life on Earth just for the lulz.

But seriously, that’s one interesting thought that they posed in this episode. The idea that aliens were actually human beings who fled Earth just because of an Ice Age. Those who left the planet began to develop and improve their technology while those who stayed and survived continued to struggle with what they have and somehow reset their technological options to whatever remained.

While I’m hoping that the slaughter in this episode isn’t the best of what Urobuchi could provide, this episode does show how good the narrative is. The scenery presented in this waterworld-ish setting sits in contrast with the sci-fi war happening across the galaxy. That even if some serious threat presents itself where humanity banded together to face against, there is still a dimension where people live their routinely, peaceful lives. Where their biggest worry would be where to get their source of electricity or when pirates would attack.

And for some reason, that simplicity expanded the world. I mean, it feels as if one part of humanity fled to space to fight against aliens while another remained on Earth and continued their struggle of survival. This may sound cheesy and all but if feels… romantic. The protagonists hailed from the same race yet their situations separated them quite literally, worlds apart.

But let’s try to net get too hopeful with this. Urobuchi is still at the helm. Things may turn out twisted later on.


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