Gantz all over again

As a shout-out to frequent commenter, X. Dude, I know you hate gorey stuff so this series isn’t probably for you.

It is rare to encounter an episode pilot that appeals this strongly to the viewer. From the animation quality, the action scenes generated from the equipment that the characters used, to the character development that spring from principles and flat-out drama, this episode had it all.

And it was good. Really good. I thought that the most emotional scene of this episode would come from the mother who learned that her son didn’t make it back. Who would’ve thought that, a few animation frames later, it was the reality that her son died in vain? That he sacrificed his life for nothing! Jesus Christ! How can someone say that to a mother, who obviously cares for her son, NOT be moved in tears?!

And what pisses me off is how the people, enjoying their peace, handled the situation. Erin may be suicidal and all but he is right! Everyone got complacent. Everyone forgot the reality of their world. That they are caged like livestock. Waiting for the day where these fucking titans would come to harvest them!

And when I thought that everything was fine, that that emotional heat would finally die down……

I was in the verge of tears and vomit. That precious scene of a mother’s sacrifice, tarnished by that gruesome sight of her being consumed like livestock, by that fucking SONOFABITCH!!! I don’t even…. FUCK!!



This episode isn’t enough to satisfy my rage! I want to see that guy brought down, to suffer and die so bad I’m wondering why it isn’t Sunday already!

I have tolerance for gore and such but there’s something really moving with the thought that someone sacrificed their lives for you and you see then die a gruesome death.

People dying heroically in explosions or hordes of zombies are fine. People being disabled before dying such as cave-ins or sinking or crashing ships are acceptable. But what happened to Erin’s mother…. FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE!!

And I guess this is why this series reminds me of the earlier chapters of Gantz. People DIE UNJUSTLY! They die powerless, helpless! Squashed like bugs, consumed like livestock! And it pisses me off! It appeals strongly to my emotions that I desire to learn of what happens next. Will those people die in vain or will they be avenged by the protagonist?

My rage has been subdued by now… Took me some time thinking of what else to say about this episode but overall, or rather, obviously, I want to see what happens next. Will they be able to fight back next time or will more deaths occur?

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  1. x
    Apr 08, 2013 @ 07:28:36

    Yeah, this is really not for me T_T. From the images, this looks really good though :p.


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