First World Problems

Even great people must learn to rise

For an episode primer, they did a fantastic job with the Maou’s back story and the transition from serious action to comedy was really good. I was expecting this series to be fanservicey right off the bat but it turned out to be decent. And I found myself laughing in that made-up demon language or whatever. Seiyuu adlib perhaps?

Speaking of which, it looks like Ohsaka Ryota is getting more roles recently. From OniAi to OreShura to this. Expecting great things from this one.


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  1. x
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 11:45:16

    Yeah, this was great XD. Best primer of the season I’ve watched so far :p. Lots of funny jokes. The other-worldly language (which is not just used by the demons I think) was really amusing. Most anime don’t even bother with using a different language :p. This episode surprised me the same way Kotoura-san last season surprised me. I just wasn’t expecting something this good XD.


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