In weakness, we give

Where the fuck is that ninja peeling onions in my room?!

Kotoura may have had its moments where I would often say “meh” but looking back, this is yet one of the consistently beautiful series of this season. No, this is not an April Fool’s skit, I honestly believe that this series did a good job appealing to the viewer’s emotions. And this final episode showed how not everything is one-dimensional as first impressions would leave.

Not only were these characters integral plot devices to the overall goal of the story but the fact that they have a certain depth in their personality contributes to good character development. From the scheming president, to the bitch bestfriend, to the anti-hero mom, everyone had roles to fulfill to the existence known as Kotoura Haruka. What I particularly liked with this is how everything was executed.

This series did well in exploring each character’s light and darkness. I guess that’s why I relate much on most of the characters. Because they were portrayed with such humane accuracy. As humans, we are both sinners and saints and this series portrayed that damn well. This series didn’t ride along such fancy idealism such as justice or revenge, it simply explored human nature as naturally as it can using psychic powers as a pretext.

In closing, this is definitely one of the biggest surprises that the previous season offered. A rare kind of gem that reveals itself should you invest time and give it a chance to prove how good it really is.


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  1. x
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 12:53:31

    Yeah, this was one of my favourite shows this season, a tearjerker at that T_T, and they called this a comedy ^^;. Well, it is a comedy, but it’s much more than just a comedy :p. Hope this gets a good sequel :).


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