My First Friend

I ❤ Rika

I rarely hear Misato Fukuen nowadays but I think this is her best role yet. I do hope she wins an award for this!

Who would’ve thought that Rika had this depth of character? All throughout, Rika was this kind, energetic, perverted genius who supports the Neighbor’s Club by tagging along their antics. Spending their everyday doing nothing but hang out and have fun. But I guess this is why Rika is affected the most. It’s because she works in the shadows for everyone’s sake that she’s the most acquainted with each of them. That she understand how fragile their relationships are yet how valuable it is.

I remembered an acquaintance who referred Seitokai no Ichizon by saying that a harem end is the ending where all the heroines are happy, or so the protagonist says. And I think there’s no greater justification than that. I don’t know how it ended up with Seitokai no Ichizon but what I like with Kodaka’s answer is how he realizes that he is not a harem lead.

True story bro

Haganai may have left that impression thanks to Kodaka being nice and all but let’s face it. Kodaka didn’t join the Neighbor’s Club to build himself a harem. He joined there in the hopes of learning how to make friends. But the poor fucker got more than what he asked for. Not only did he got friends, he has unwittingly raised a harem: restored (to an extent) the relationship with a childhood friend, got a fiance which turns out to also be a childhood friend, two loli sisters, and a GAR maid.

Stop poisoning people’s minds Rika!

I know this sounds conceited but could we blame him for all the blessings he received? Of course not! But damn, take all my jelly you fuck!!

So what happens now? Well, with Rika backing him up, maybe Kodaka would finally start growing a pair of balls to face the challenges in his life such as Sena’s proposal and Yozora being a bitch. But by the end of this series, I do hope Kodaka ends up with Rika. Unlike both Sena and Yozora who pisses me off with their high and mighty attitude, Rika has been the one who showed a likable personality as well as being able to reach through Kodaka. One who understood how he feels and why he acted that way. Yukimura may have came close but she sees herself as a retainer. And while retainers commit themselves to their lords, not all of them can understand how their lord feels.

So with this kind of ending, I’ll be expecting a third season. Let’s see how many girls they plan on adding up in Kodaka’s Harem.


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  1. x
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 03:21:31

    Heh, all this talk about not forming a harem, yet … ^^;. Well, this turned out better than I expected :p.


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