Considering KyoAni did this, Tamako Market is very much like Dera. No matter how hard he tries to fly after becoming fat, he still can’t fly that high.

A slice of life anime with characters doing nothing, not even investing much on comedy or character development is unappealing (yeah, yeah K-On!). Well, it did showcase potential new voices for the industry so kudos to that but overall, there are better slice of life series to watch than this shit. Oh man, I should’ve picked up Vivid Red instead of this.


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  1. x
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 03:37:31


    Well, I think this was a fun slice of life do nothing anime :p. Just that the quality was so high, and teased of so much more (in many many different ways XD). Yet it never went beyond just teasing OTL. BTW, seems like they announced a sequel to Chuunibyou ^^;.

    As for Vividred, I think that is only fun if you watch it like you would watch Symphogear :p. I’d argue that Vividred is much weaker than Symphogear in terms of storytelling and plot, but much stronger in terms of art and animation. Vividred is more straight to the point, with “friendship” power. While Symphogear goes a more roundabout way, with “singing” power ^^;. Otherwise they are similar in my opinion.

    If you wanted K-ON style, but with the characters actually do something ever so slightly more significant, you could have tried Love Live XD.


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