Slow and Steady

Sakurasou is the kind of anime that tends to “build-up” at the beginning of every arc. Obviously, this causes slow character development each and every time. The good thing though is once the series reaches it’s current arc’s climax, it lets out one hell of a punch.

And it’s during those moments that the series shines the brightest. When Sakurasou snowballs and lets loose, it shows off how good its character development is. How powerful and moving the plot elements are.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo’s biggest selling point are its characters. Characters that most of the viewers could probably relate themselves with. Characters with depth and personality that either appeals to a fan’s admiration or scorn, backed up with effective plot progression in every arc that further fleshes out a character’s being.

I think JC Staff outdid themselves with this series. I dropped Little Busters back so let me say this with much bias: JC Staff does light novel adaptations way better than visual novel adaptations and I would truly appreciate it if they did more of these things. The direction, the narrative was spot on in highlighting the characters of this series. It is in these types that JC Staff did not disappoint.

I welcomed Kayanon voicing soft-spoken characters like Inori from Guilty Crown but I actually like her Mashiro version more. It’s probably the kind of roles but Mashiro definitely had more depth and character than Inori. And there’s something in Kayanon’s acting that worked well with Mashiro’s character.

Mariko Nakatsu only had 2 roles?! WHAT. THE. FUCK?! She deserves MORE!

But honestly, kudos to Mariko Nakatsu for breathing life into Nanami’s character. I really love how she made it look natural. From the outbursts whenever she blushes to the moments where Nanami gave up and let her tears fell, Nakatsu’s voice just made it possible. She made Nanami real. She has the voice that connects her character to the viewer so I do hope we get to hear more from her.

I already mentioned this before but Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is quick in catching my attention. Probably credited to his passionate screams and overacting whenever the character bitches (which happens often – Kirito, Sorata), all I can say is, this guy definitely has the potential.

Personally, I find it hard to appreciate rookie male voices than female ones. Not to offend male seiyuu fans but not every rookie male seiyuu is a good actor. Only a handful of rookie seiyuu are capable of breathing life to their characters and acting them out naturally. And for some reason, I felt that in Matsuoka’s acting.

I think he’s been blessed to have landed on various main character roles during the past seasons. I would like it though if he manages to land on roles that would provide the opportunity to identify his range of acting. Roles that doesn’t necessarily involve hot-blooded characters or bitches who whine 24/7.


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  1. x
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 03:51:13

    Easily one of my favourite show this season :p. Yeah, I totally forgot this is a JCStaff series, as it’s so different from all of their other works. There’s a lot to love about this anime, the voices, the characters, the story, the art, the storytelling… etc. Best ending of any anime I’m watching this season, and I suspect it will be the best ending of the season for me even after all the other anime ends :p.


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