Confrontation Time

This ain’t yer turf BITCH!!

Just when the entire show was getting good, when the members are showing respect for one another despite their differences, banding together against a common foe, came Sena’s big reveal and Kodaka being an unusual dick!

Now, while it was Sena’s fault that tensions sky-rocketed, I was quite shocked at Kodaka’s reaction. I guess it’s acceptable if a guy who confesses to a girl gets turned down with the girl wanting to run away but man, it looks really weird when it happens in reverse. And despite Kodaka being an annoying dick, I can’t totally blame him. Perhaps, from a certain degree, I did understand how Kodaka felt.

Kodaka always saw himself as a loner. Despite being surrounded by friends, he never fully accepted that reality. He never did welcome the thought that perhaps, he has finally gained genuine friends. People whom he can share smiles with, shed tears with.


I always thought that Yozora was the most fucked up member of the Neighbor’s Club. Not because she had an imaginary friend to talk with but because she’s always being a dick when it comes to most of their activities. For instance, that one time she decided to leave when they all went to the pool. Or when she decided to sing karaoke alone (though Sena did that too). But after seeing how Kodaka reacts, well, guess who’s the new dick on the block?

So, what now? How will they wrap this mess up?


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  1. x
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 03:40:54

    Seriously, I have very little sympathy for Kodaka. It’s not because he is male that gets me annoyed. It’s that after so many episodes, and so much experience, he is the one with the least growth in this show. The girls all had their share of “running away”, but eventually they end up facing up to their problems for the most part. From what I see, Kodaka had this problem since before episode one :p, and has been running away from this for a long while. I wasn’t surprised that Kodaka had this reaction (specially after the previous episode). As for how they would wrap this up? I suspect it will be just pretending things go back to normal, and maybe some signs of moving forward, with Kodaka making mostly ineffective effort at trying to talk.


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