Unlimited Possibilities

I didn’t quite expect this kind of closure for this series. For something that started dark and gloomy, I was surprised at how logical Hyobu’s salvation was.

Hyobu killed people. Ever since in episode one, he splattered people to bits and obliterated entire cities just to get the job done. But seeing as how he’s able to accept and, to an extent, forgive the sins of others, especially the very person who put him in misery, is a welcome form of salvation, befitting of Hyobu Kyousuke’s personality.

It’s not like he went totally soft and all but rather, it looks like he won’t be taking lives as easily as he did before. Perhaps in fighting Kaoru and facing Hinomiya, he understood and regained that part of his humanity that he discarded. After all, his experience with Andy Hinomiya is quite unique. Kyosuke’s pride always looked down on Normals but seeing how Hinomiya, a half-Normal half-Esper, was able to help him. Could his opinion still be the same?

Overall, ZKC: Unlimited was a good series. Even if the previous episode felt poor in terms of content and development, this series did not disappoint. It was able to tie its plot with its roots (ZKC: Main) and was able to deliver topics that weren’t really the main concern of the ZKC: Main story line, in this case, Hyobu’s revenge.

I was expecting Black Phantom to make an appearance though, since an acquaintance mentioned of the possibility of Yugiri being Yuri’s clone. But hey, let’s leave that real boss to The Children.

I do hope this series sells well so we get to see more spin-offs and probably a continuation of the ZKC: Main.


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  1. x
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 03:29:04


    Nothing to add to what you said :p. This was a good series, only wish the last two episodes were not so rushed and not so confusing ^^;. Now to read more of the ZKC manga XD.


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