Well, Fuck

22 episodes later and my verdict is… Don’t watch this. Robotics;Notes started off decent but this closure, the whole robot of justice vs evil is either out of context or just plain retarded. I’m actually regretting my choice of watching this series.

Unlike Steins;Gate that made use of its conspiracy theories, effectively connecting it with the time leap feature, Robotics;Notes made a poor attempt with its robots and Kimijima Kou reports. I get the fact that they are related due to the accessibility of technology thanks to concepts like GEO-TAGS and AR but the idea of building a robot while tackling those conspiracies really felt off.

tl;dr: this series is a troll, you’ll be better off spending your time in watching more rewarding anime than this shit.


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  1. x
    Mar 23, 2013 @ 07:12:33

    lol. I love this series for the character portray. As for the conspiracies? Meh. Too many holes for me to take any of it seriously. The robots? Bah. Not my thing. I don’t even have interest in mecha anime, much less something like this (maybe a couple of decades ago I might have been more interested :p). What I do like is the depth of the portrayal of the characters (regardless of whether I like the character or not). Even with the small amount of screen time that some of the characters get, there seem to be some depth to them that many other series don’t portray. It’s over, and no matter what else I may think about this anime, I’ll definitely miss Kona-chan T_T (can we have a spinoff with just her adventures? :p).


  2. baka~
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 00:35:46

    Yep, Kona made this show worthwhile. everything else was just shit. I think Kona is the Ai-chan epic win of Robotics;Notes. No matter how annoying or bland the rest of the characters are or how absurd the plot progression was, Kona was always there to liven the mood. Yashio is a fucking moron to choose Aki over her 😦


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