What we truly want

Screw Sena and Yozora, Kodaka x Rika = cutest pairing EVER!

Rika may have the wildest imaginations and the perversion to hurl the universe into chaos but I love how she’s the only one to have seen through Kodaka’s guise and was able to confront him bluntly about it.

And I guess it’s about damn time for the Neighbor’s club to realize what their goals are and how it has been laid in front of them. Are all of them stupid? Despite having capability to comprehend, how come they don’t notice it yet? That, or they subconsciously deny the fact that they are all friends.

What surprises me though is how Kodaka reacted to all of it. I thought I was mistaken for a bit there but it seems that Kodaka changed his personality during Rika’s confrontation. And I’m not referring to the part where he shouted but his phrase as if he misheard something. This reaction of his is quite different from someone who ignores a fact. It’s as if a defense mechanism that activates whenever Kodaka is about to experience a truth that he wants to avoid.

And this got me interested. I don’t know why he has developed such behavior but I am interested in finding it out.

2 episodes left until the series ends, will things go south from here on?


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  1. x
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 16:12:57

    I think Kodaka just has a huge phobia when it comes to words/concepts like “friends” or “love”. I’d call him a coward, but that’s probably unfair :p.


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